The Comprehensive Handbook on Finding the Best Place to Buy Blinds: Expert Advice and Tips for Your New Home

Expert advising on the best place to buy blinds
Posted: 20 September, 2023


Blinds are adaptable window treatments that offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. They are made from a variety of materials, from the embracing softness of fabric to the enduring elegance of wood, metal, or vinyl, and serve as the fashionable guardians of your windows. They are the ambience creators, allowing you to direct light, solitude, and beauty movements in your living areas. Their adaptable designs provide a symphony of options that let you orchestrate the ideal ratio of illumination, temperature, and isolation while also providing a subtle aesthetic flourish that complements the décor of your living space. This makes the process of selecting blinds for windows very important for both aesthetic and practical reasons. To create a lovely and comfortable living area, adding the correct blinds helps strike a balance between beauty and functionality.

The Importance of Choosing Window Blinds

Budget-friendly blinds in a modern living room

Window covering choices involve multiple elements that go beyond simple aesthetics and window dressing. In addition to limiting the quantity of light that enters a space, window coverings also help with insulation and temperature management. Since window coverings can significantly affect the general comfort, energy efficiency, and ambience of a living or working area, it is important to carefully examine both practical and aesthetic factors when choosing window coverings. You can make an informed choice that takes your living or working environment to a whole new level of comfort and style by carefully weighing your requirements and available possibilities.

Light Control

Window blinds are a flexible tool for managing and harnessing natural light to enhance a room's atmosphere and functioning. Light control is a crucial component of interior design. Here is a more thorough explanation of how window blinds are excellent at regulating light:

  • Adjustable Light Levels: Window blinds offer the convenience of adjusting light levels according to specific needs and preferences. Whether you want a brightly lit room during the day or a more subdued atmosphere in the evening, blinds can be easily tilted or raised to regulate the amount of light entering the room. If you own a motorised blind, you can set it to open or close at specific times of the day. This adaptability is especially valuable in spaces like living rooms, kitchens, or offices where lighting requirements can vary throughout the day.
  • Privacy and Security: Privacy is an important factor to take into account in any living or working environment. By enabling residents to manage outside visibility, window blinds offer a workable option. The ability to lower the blinds offers a privacy barrier, making them a necessary feature for rooms like bedrooms, restrooms, or ground-floor rooms that face public areas.
  • Glare Reduction: Glare is a common problem, especially in rooms with lots of windows or in areas with strong sunshine. The glare on screens, mirrors, and glossy surfaces can be successfully reduced by adjusting window blinds to block or deflect sunlight. This decrease in glare makes the surroundings more comfortable, improving focus and the usability of electronic gadgets for work or leisure activities.
  • Protection of Interiors: Interiors should be protected from excessive sunshine, which can harm the durability and beauty of interior decor. Window blinds serve as a barrier, protecting against excessive sunlight that may fade or harm furniture, floors, upholstered furniture, and priceless artwork. They support maintaining the aesthetic value and structural integrity of interior spaces by regulating the amount of sunlight that enters a place.


The comfort and energy efficiency of a home is greatly influenced by insulation, and window coverings have a big part to play in this. They are a wonderful addition to any home striving for improved insulation and sustainability because they help to regulate temperature, improve energy efficiency, minimise draughts, and are an eco-friendly option. Here is a detailed explanation of how window coverings improve insulation:

  • Temperature Regulation: Window blinds act as a layer of insulation by creating an air pocket between the blinds and the window. During hot weather, closing the blinds can block the sun's intense heat from entering the room, effectively reducing the indoor temperature. Conversely, in colder months, closing the blinds at night helps to retain the heat inside, making the room warmer and reducing the need for excessive heating.
  • Energy Efficiency: Window blinds' insulating capabilities help to increase energy efficiency. Blinds can lessen a home's dependency on heating and cooling systems by efficiently adjusting the temperature inside. Lower utility costs and a more environmentally friendly home are the results of this decrease in energy consumption. It's a wise decision, especially in areas with extreme temperatures where the expense of heating or cooling might be high.
  • Draught Prevention: By forming a barrier between the interior and the window, window coverings such as blinds can reduce the likelihood of winds entering a space. The warmth and comfort of the space can be greatly impacted by even a little draught. Blinds successfully address this problem, ensuring a more constant and cosy indoor climate all day long.
  • Eco-friendly Decision: Choosing window coverings to improve insulation is in line with living sustainably. You can lower your home's overall energy use and, as a result, its carbon footprint, by minimising the need for excessive heating or cooling. This conscious decision promotes environmental responsibility and the conservation of precious energy resources, leading to a more sustainable way of life.

Know Where to Shop: Best Place to Get Blinds for a New Home

Selection of blinds material samples

Selecting the ideal store to buy blinds and other window treatments is an important decision when decorating a new home or simply looking to refresh your window decorations. There are several options accessible, each with its benefits, both online and in real locations. Your preferences and financial constraints will ultimately determine where you should buy blinds for your new house. Look into the alternatives in your area to get the ideal window treatments that will improve the aesthetics and practicality of your living space.

Brick-and-Mortar vs. Online Stores

Online shopping interface showing blinds options

Your priorities will determine whether you purchase window treatments from a real store or an online retailer. A physical store can be a better option if you desire hands-on experience and quick support. Online shopping, on the other hand, can be more appropriate if you value a wide selection, convenience, and possibly better prices. It's also important to think about combining both strategies based on your unique requirements and preferences.

Physical Stores

Visiting a physical store allows you to interact directly with the products. You can assess the things' quality, colours, and textures because you can touch and see them. Additionally, store workers are on hand to help you, responding to your inquiries and making recommendations based on your preferences. Another benefit is that purchases are always available; there is no need to wait for delivery, so you can immediately take your chosen items home. To ensure your window coverings fit exactly, many physical stores also provide expert measurement and installation services.

Physical stores do, however, have some disadvantages. One drawback is the possibility of a lower product range than offered by online retailers. This smaller selection could limit your options and make it more difficult to discover exactly what you're looking for. Additionally, going to real stores might take time, particularly if you have to go to several different places to get the ideal window treatments. This time commitment becomes important when stores are spread out far from one another.

Online Stores

Online stores provide a wide variety of possibilities, giving you access from the convenience of your home to a vast array of styles, colours, sizes, and designs to choose from. You may easily browse through a wide range of brands and items whenever you want, around the clock. You can browse at your leisure, evaluate products based on price comparisons, and make well-informed decisions thanks to this online shopping experience. The ability to customise window curtains to meet your unique needs is another feature offered by many internet suppliers. Compared to traditional establishments, online shopping frequently offers more affordable options with greater bargains, discounts, and promotional offers. You can make the most cost-effective decision because it's easier to check rates on several websites.

The absence of tangible goods is a prominent disadvantage of internet shopping. The product cannot be physically examined before purchase, thus there is a chance that the colour, texture, or quality of the final product will differ from your expectations. Additionally, depending on the company and your location, purchasing online necessitates waiting for the products to be transported and delivered, which may interfere with your planned timeframe for window treatments. In addition, the process of returns and exchanges can prove more challenging, entailing more shipping fees and a trickier process that could call for more time and effort to complete.

Expert Recommendations on the Best Place to Get Blinds

Expert recommending the best stores to buy blinds

For individualised guidance and a large selection of premium, adaptable blinds, experts advise taking a look at specialised window covering stores. Online stores with specific window covering sections offer cost efficiency, convenience, a large selection, and customisation options. Accessibility, choice, and support from knowledgeable employees are all benefits provided by home improvement companies Local window treatment experts provide a bespoke service with home visits and expert advice. A balance between quality and price is ensured when purchasing directly from manufacturers. Making an informed choice regarding where to buy blinds for a new home also requires taking into account consumer evaluations and recommendations. The ideal option will ultimately depend on personal tastes, spending capacity, and the requirement for support and customisation.

Measuring Matters: How to Measure Your Windows Correctly

Woman measuring window for new blinds

When choosing and buying blinds for your windows, precise dimensions are essential since they guarantee a perfect fit and a sophisticated appearance. Some of the major reasons why precise measurements are so important for getting the ideal look and functioning for your window treatments are provided below:

  1. Custom Fit: Because every window is unique, employing precise measurements guarantees that the blinds will fit your window exactly. This gives them a polished, businesslike appearance.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Blinds that fit properly enhance the appearance of a space. They can look weird if they are overly narrow, long, or short. Well-fitted blinds improve the appearance of the window and the room as a whole.
  3. Privacy and Light Control: The right-sized blinds may completely cover the window, limiting the light and giving you the privacy you need, especially in bedrooms.
  4. Effective Insulation: Well-fitting blinds help keep the heat or cold outside, increasing the energy efficiency of your home and reducing heating or cooling expenditures.
  5. Smooth Operation: Blinds that fit properly operate without any issues. Accurate measurements allow you to raise or lower them without any problems.
  6. Avoiding Replacements or Adjustments: If the blinds don't fit properly, you may need to replace them or make an adjustment, which will increase your costs and take more time. You can avoid these headaches by taking precise measurements at the beginning.
  7. Blinds can be customised and personalised to your preferences. The blinds will completely match your style and preferences thanks to accurate measurements.

Tools You'll Need

Illustration of proper measuring technique for window blinds

The following instruments are necessary to get accurate measurements for your window treatments:

  1. Measuring Tape: A flexible measuring tape is a primary tool for accurately measuring various dimensions, including the width, height, and depth of the window.
  2. Ruler: A straight ruler is useful for measuring smaller sections or verifying the accuracy of measurements taken with a measuring tape.
  3. Yardstick: A yardstick or a long ruler is beneficial for measuring larger windows or areas where a regular ruler or measuring tape may fall short.
  4. Level: A level helps ensure that your measurements are straight and plumb, especially important for ensuring the blinds hang evenly.
  5. Pencil or Pen: These are essential for marking the measurements on paper or directly on the window frame for reference.
  6. Notebook or Notepad: Keeping a record of your measurements for each window is important for easy reference when selecting and purchasing blinds.
  7. Step Stool or Ladder: For reaching higher windows, a step stool or ladder is necessary to obtain accurate measurements for taller windows.
  8. Camera or Smartphone: Taking pictures of the windows can help in recalling the window layout and design when consulting with a salesperson or making online purchases.

Common Pitfalls in Measuring

High-end blinds in a luxurious setting

To ensure that the blinds fit and work properly, there are a few common hazards to watch out for when measuring for new blinds. The common mistakes to avoid while taking measurements to buy blinds are listed below. The blinds you choose for your new home will fit perfectly and improve the overall appearance and functioning of your windows if you are aware of these typical errors and take accurate measurements.

Assuming All Windows Have Standard Sizes

Assuming that all windows have standard sizes is a typical error when measuring for blinds. As a result, your windows can end up with blinds that are either too big or too narrow. Always measure each window separately to avoid this, as even windows that appear to be identical can differ slightly in size.

Neglecting Window Depth

Blinds that don't fit properly or hinder the window's opening or closing can arise from failing to consider the depth of the window. To avoid this problem, measure the depth of the window to make sure the blinds you select are appropriate and won't obstruct the operation of the window.

Ignoring Obstacles or Protrusions

Blinds that don't fit flush against the window or operate smoothly can happen from failing to take into consideration obstructions like window handles, locks, or other protruding structures. Take note of any obstructions and measure around them to ensure the blinds fit and work properly, avoiding this kind of situation.

Not Measuring Multiple Points

Another error is to measure the window only once, such as its width. This might lead to blinds that are uneven or that do not adequately cover the entire window. To avoid this, measure the window's width and height several times (top, middle, bottom) to consider shape changes.

Not Verifying Levelness

If your measurements are not level, the result might be blinds that hang unevenly, which will detract from the room's aesthetic. Use a level to ensure that your measurements are straight and level, especially for horizontal blinds, to avoid falling victim to this trap.

Misreading or Misrecording Measurements

If measurements are read or recorded incorrectly, blinds could end up being the wrong size or not fit properly. To avoid any measurement discrepancies, double-check all measures and precisely record them.

Rushing the Measurement Process

Hasty measurements can lead to inaccurate proportions, which could result in blinds that don't fit well or perform as intended. Take your time, adopt a methodical strategy, and repeat the measurements if necessary to ensure accuracy to avoid these errors.

Tips for Choosing Window Blinds that Match Your Interior

Installation of a window shade after accurate measurement

Fabric selection is an important consideration when selecting coverings for windows since it has a significant effect on both the appearance and practicality of the blinds. The fabric you choose can improve the appearance of the room as a whole and affect how well the blinds control light, provide privacy, are durable, and require little upkeep. To create the ideal fusion of form and function in your home design, it is important to carefully evaluate your tastes and demands, balancing both the aesthetic appeal and practical features.


  1. Colour and Pattern: The fabric's colour and pattern have a significant impact on the room's overall aesthetic. Darker colours can offer a feeling of cosiness, while lighter colours can create an air of openness and space. Whether subtle or striking, patterns can enhance the room's décor and offer visual appeal.
  2. Texture: The fabric's texture can improve the blinds' tactile appeal. While textured or woven materials can produce a more natural and welcoming atmosphere, smooth, sleek fabrics can offer an air of modernity and sophistication.
  3. Opacity and Transparency: The amount of transparency in a cloth determines how light passes through it. While opaque fabrics provide more privacy and light control, sheer or semi-sheer fabrics allow for gentle, diffused light.
  4. Style and Design: The fabric should complement the room's overall design and style. Choose a fabric that enhances the aesthetic you're going for because different fabrics go well with various interior design styles.


  1. Light Control: The colour and opacity of the cloth control the amount of light that enters the space. Darker, opaque materials offer better privacy and light control whereas lighter, more transparent fabrics let in more light.
  2. Energy Efficiency and Insulation: The fabric used can affect the room's insulation. Better insulation is provided by certain substances, which lowers energy use and helps to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature.
  3. Durability and Maintenance: How long the blinds last and how easy it is to maintain them depends on how durable the fabric is. Pick a fabric that fits your lifestyle and is simple to maintain.
  4. UV Protection: Some materials provide UV protection, obstructing the room from the sun's damaging rays. This guards against fading and sun damage to your floors and furniture.

Material and Light

How-to guide on measuring for blinds displayed on a tablet

The type of cloth used for window treatments has a big influence on how light interacts with a space.

  • Sheer Fabrics: Sheer fabrics with a high light transmission rate include chiffon, lace and voile. They produce a delicate, ethereal atmosphere and are perfect for rooms where you wish to preserve some degree of solitude while maximising natural light.
  • Semi-Sheer Fabrics: Materials like organza or specific kinds of polyester mixes provide a good compromise between light filtration and seclusion. They give the space a gentle glow by softly diffusing the light.
  • Light Colours: Light-colored materials reflect more light into the space, creating the impression that it is a larger, brighter place. They are perfect for spaces with less natural light or smaller rooms.
  • Dark Colours: Lighter materials absorb more light when they are darker, which reduces glare and fosters a warm, cosy atmosphere. They are effective in bigger rooms or rooms with lots of natural light that you want to dim.

Material and Insulation

Different types of fabric have varying degrees of insulation, which has an impact on a room's energy efficiency and comfort.

  • Cellular or Honeycomb Blinds: Because of their distinctive cellular structure, these blinds are renowned for their superior insulating capabilities. As insulators, the air pockets formed within the cells keep the space comfortable throughout the year.
  • Thicker Fabrics: By minimising the flow of heat or cold through the windows, fabrics with a denser weave or a thicker structure naturally offer higher insulation.
  • Layered Fabrics: By trapping air between layers, blinds with numerous layers of fabric or liners, like dual roller blinds, provide better insulation.

Blinds Be Gone: Why You Should Buy New Blinds

Man installing new blinds in a bedroom

There are several compelling reasons in favour of choosing new window treatments over fixing old window coverings when the choice is between the two options. Modern blinds with greater features and better insulation can replace old blinds with their dated look, limited usefulness, and insufficient energy efficiency. In contrast to ageing blinds that deteriorate with time, modern blinds are also easier to clean and maintain. Considering different window treatments, such as curtains or shades, could be prompted by shifting interior design tastes too. Additionally, modern blinds cater to health concerns by offering better privacy, light control, and the promise to be hypoallergenic. Although initially purchasing new, visually beautiful, and energy-saving blinds might appear more costly, it is worth it due to their longer lifespan. The choice should ultimately be in line with your preferences for design and the functional needs for an upgraded living environment.

Alternatives to Blinds

In addition to blinds, several other widely used window treatment choices can improve the interior decor of your home, offer privacy, regulate light, and give a special visual appeal. Assessing your preferences, the design of your house, and the particular function requirements can help you decide which of these window treatments is best for you. Additionally, you can achieve a varied and appealing appearance throughout your house by mixing and matching various window treatments in various rooms.


The many features and advantages of curtains make it one of the most adaptable window treatments available. These fabric panels hang vertically and can be opened or closed. They are available in a variety of fabrics, colours, patterns, and lengths to match your decor style, whether it is formal and elegant or informal and playful. Additionally, curtains provide options for privacy and light control, with blackout curtains effectively obstructing light and sheer curtains permitting diffused light. Depending on the fabric, they can also help in insulating your home and enhancing energy efficiency while assisting in controlling the temperature. Additionally, curtains are simple to use and install, and by combining them with valances, tiebacks, or holdbacks, you can improve both their appearance and functionality.


Shades are adaptable window treatments made from a single piece of material that can be folded, stacked, or rolled to change the amount of shade. When rolled up, roller blinds have a sleek, contemporary appearance and come in a variety of fabrics for light filtering or blackout effects. Roman shades give a softer, ornamental appearance by folding into horizontal pleats. Due to air-trapping cells, cellular (honeycomb) blinds excel in insulation and energy efficiency and are available in a range of opacities for customised lighting preferences. Solar blinds are perfect for bright spaces since they effectively block UV rays and reduce glare while maintaining outside views.


Shutters are sturdy coverings that are often made of wood, vinyl, or composite materials. They have horizontal louvres or slats that may be adjusted for precise control of light and privacy. Their classic design fits nicely with a variety of architectural types, from traditional to modern. Shutters make it easy to control how much light and privacy you want. When properly maintained, shutters, which are renowned for their strength and lifespan, can greatly raise the value of your house. They also provide insulation benefits, which successfully control inside temperatures by keeping the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Sources for Window Blinds at Any Budget

Cordless blinds for child safety

Online Shops

To make a smart decision, it's important to consider specifics when looking at online stores in Dubai that sell curtains and blinds. To satisfy your unique needs, first evaluate the product selection, quality, and customization choices. Customer opinions and ratings shed light on the whole purchasing experience as well as the quality of the products. Verify the website's user-friendliness, promotions, and straightforward pricing. Recognise shipping procedures, return guidelines, and the effectiveness of customer support. Before choosing, make sure the website is safe for online transactions and look into the shop's reputation and dependability. Here are some of the best online curtain stores in Dubai:

Dubai Curtain Store

Featuring premium fabrics, adaptable patterns, and a balance of beauty and utility, curtains from Creative Vision Global represent an excellent investment for any house. They give refinement to the present decor while blending in smoothly thanks to their meticulous construction and customization to individual preferences. These curtains provide important functional advantages including light control, privacy, and insulation, enabling you to regulate natural light and preserve a comfortable interior climate, thus boosting both the aesthetic and functional features of your living area.

Dubai Blind

Dubai Blind, a top producer of blinds and curtains in Dubai, places a great priority on enhancing interior decor with a broad selection of high-quality goods. They provide a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and provide a wide range of styles, materials, and patterns to meet different preferences. Dubai Blind has earned its reputation for constantly providing first-rate solutions, driven by a strong dedication to excellence and a focus on creating premium products for upscale living spaces.


For more than 25 years, Blindtex, a prestigious window coverings company with headquarters in the UK, has provided businesses in the UK and the MENA area with high-quality goods and custom window treatments. They provide a vast variety of custom window coverings, all painstakingly hand-finished to guarantee a flawless outcome every time. Operating at the crossroads of the UK and the UAE, Blindtex places a strong emphasis on rigorous testing, quality control, and ongoing research and development to satisfy the growing need for high-end but reasonably priced window-covering products.

The Dubai Blinds and Curtains

The Dubai Blinds and Curtains is one of Dubai's top platforms for high-quality blinds and curtain services. They prioritise customer satisfaction, guided by a decade of seamless experience and dedicated services. They are distinguished by their careful selection of premium fabrics and materials that are used in the design process to produce a superior final product. They also go farther into the worlds of colour and design, keeping up with the most recent developments and fashion landscape trends. They have gained the community's respect and recommendations as a result of their commitment to excellence.

Rimini Blinds

In Dubai, Rimini Blinds is a well-known vendor of superior curtains, shutters, and blinds. Their selection of custom window treatments includes shutters, curtains, and sheers in addition to a wide variety of designs and types like Roller, Roman, Vertical, Honeycomb, Panel, Duplex, Romex, Aluminium, Faux Wood, and Wooden blinds. For clients looking for the ideal window solutions for their homes, they offer a professional in-home service where they manage measurements, installations, and personalised assistance while assuring a hassle-free experience.

Aspire Blinds UAE

Based in Dubai, Aspire Blinds UAE is a respected producer, supplier, and installer of a broad selection of blinds, curtains, shades, and shutters in different designs and hues that are appropriate for both homes and offices. They specialise in a variety of window coverings, including Wood Venetian, Roller, and Roman blinds. Their online store offers a wide variety of blinds for homes and offices that flawlessly complement any interior design at the most affordable prices in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Notably, their blinds are made of premium materials, guaranteeing durability and unrivalled comfort. These blinds are a great option for contemporary homes since they improve the appearance of glass panels, sliding doors, and windows.

Big Box Retailers

There are benefits and drawbacks to purchasing blinds from big box retailers. On the plus side, these merchants provide a large assortment of blinds, affordable prices, convenience, and customer service. They frequently run specials and sales as well. There are drawbacks, nevertheless, including the lack of individualised support, conceivable quality issues, staff members' lack of expertise in particular fields, the restricted customising options, and the potential for selection overload. The trade-offs between convenience and potential restrictions on product quality and personalization should ultimately be taken into account when deciding whether to purchase from a big box retailer.

Specialty Stores

Selecting blinds from specialised retailers gives individualised expertise, customization choices, bespoke solutions, and a focus on high-quality construction. Durability and longevity are guaranteed by careful customisation to fit any window, attention to detail, and the use of premium materials. A satisfactory and customer-focused experience can be had when shopping at specialised establishments because they frequently offer comprehensive service and local knowledge. The purchase of coverings from these shops is ultimately a long-term commitment because they provide shutters that can improve both appearance and functionality and last a lifetime with correct maintenance.


This article stresses how essential it is to know exactly what you want in window treatments and where to find them. Making an informed decision requires having a clear understanding of your preferences, needs, and the precise elements you look for in window treatments. Finding the ideal store, whether it's a big-box retailer for convenience or a speciality shop for customised solutions, is equally important. This information guarantees that you make the best window treatment choices in line with your personal preferences, practical needs, and overall design goals for your living space. A well-informed choice results in higher satisfaction and a better long-term home improvement investment.